Sample playback/reading block

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May 12, 2022
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Stereo sample (WAV) playback/reading block. Drop sample to area with orange line to load it.

Play: Toggles play state
Pause: Toggles pause state
Loop: Controls looping state
Speed: Playback speed from 0 to 2x (1x speed is at center position)
Head: Playback head position
- if this control is static, sample is played at rate defined by Speed control;
- if modulated, sample is read according to current head position.

Play: Trigger input toggling play state
Pause: Trigger input toggling pause state
A&B: Modulation.

Left: Left channel
Right: Right channel
Position: Current relative position of the playhead in range 0-1.
Loop: Trigger is sent out when playhead loops from and to beginning of the sample - as a result of Head modulation or as a result of normal playback.