Block Granular Sample Player

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1.0 (Updated 7 months ago)
June 13, 2022
Reaktor 6


I stole the Grain Sampler from the Reaktor Library and turned it into something I could use with blocks. This is nothing too crazy, just something to make some ~ambient~ music with.

You have to load your own samples into the display for processing. It's an easy drag and drop procedure. I do not have a comprehensive list of filetypes this will accept, but it at least takes .wav files.


Maximilian Schäfer
6 months ago
Nice! The knobs map perfectly to my MPK mini, and it's even more interesting since I started to use it together with the "Infinite Normalizer Stereo" by Urs Baumgartner ( I get consistent volume when scanning through a sample - and I discover interesting drones even in seemingly "silent" sections of field recordings :-)
Rick Howell
7 months ago
@Henri Sizaret This is not an effect unit, there's no audio input. Some DAWs might be able to run this in an effect slot, but it won't process incoming audio.
Henri Sizaret
7 months ago
silly question here : can CL.D act as a VST effect on an audio track ?
7 months ago
Why does this work/sound better than similar blocks granular sample players? This works so smooth right outta the box, does the intended job, how many times a simple drone or texture would be the icing on the glitch rhythm cake, but simple isn't in many builds
Pablo Bastian
7 months ago
I agree! Very cool little granulator. Clean, easy to use and simple. That's what I like and more importantly, it sounds very good and super mellow. Almost tough to make it sounds bad... Well done and thanks for sharing.
7 months ago
Cool, I usually use FRAME with seq, but this doesn't require a clock or seq, it just rolls... Dropped two instances together with some automation here and there and a couple textural samples for a quick ambient 'scape. Thanks!