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September 26, 2022
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Sound construction with 2x 5 step and 2x 5 ramp oscillators. Waveforms modulated by 5 LFOs, which are scanned one after the other by a sequencer. Pitches can be entered via keyboard and saved with the snapshot. input occurs step by step or as a 4-voice chord. just try it.
LFOs can be reset according to a rhythmic pattern.
each LFO has a function for triggering the amp envelope, which, because it is monophonic, always receives the last input value.
supplemented by a modulatable bandpass filter, which can receive all modulation sources. contains a switchable monophonic adsr envelope, which can be helpful when using the device in your daw.

Haben Sie Bitte Spass.
Didier Leboz 2022


Philippe Loiseau
2 months ago
merciii !
Greg Killmaster
2 months ago
Wow, I love this! There goes the rest of my life.
2 months ago
This music magic mechanism is the medicine. ty
2 months ago
Some days I feel a little hesitant to peek from beneath the covers; but what is this? A fresh drop from the master builder Didier Leboz? Don't even hesitate now - We have a good day!
2 months ago
Danke, Herr Doktor!