Nymphes Editor

A Reaktor MIDI editor for Dreabox Nymphes

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1.00 (Updated 4 months ago)
October 07, 2022
Reaktor 6
Instrument Other


A Reaktor MIDI editor for Dreadbox Nymphes (v2 Firmware).

I started this a while ago but had to re-do the patch when Dreadbox released v2 firmware.

It is working ok from the tests I have undertaken.

There are a number of Nymphes editors out there now... but I wanted something that fitted the look and aesthetic of the h/w.


Main controls are Pink. Mod controls are white.

Mod source (LFO2, M-Wheel etc.) is selected from the bottom of the panel and edited using the white sliders to the right of the main panel controls.

Env 2=1 button links Envelope 1 to Envelope 2 controls... this means the VCA and VCF envelope controls can be adjusted easily from the front panel hardware controls (without having to use shift)... very handy IMO.

The bottom displays show M-Wheel, PB, AT and Velocity values (and can also be edited from the panel).

*The Nymphes logo has been used with permission from Dreadbox (I emailed them and asked).


Brian Ouellette
3 months ago
Bravo! Love the look.