Multiple Band, multiple stage delay

Delays on demand

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1.0 (Updated 3 months ago)
October 13, 2022
Reaktor 6
Effect Delay based


This is a variation on the Superformula Dispersion block - it is a bit more predictable.

At the 'core' is a single macro that processes a single octave band which is assigned a Reaktor 'voice'.
11 of these octave voices make up a full channel of audio, and this channel is fed back into the other voices, as many of these stages as you like.
There are two versions supplied here: an 11-band, 11-stage delay (which uses 121 Reaktor voices) and requires significant CPU horsepower, and an 11-band, 5-stage delay (which uses 55 Reaktor voices) and requires a fairly standard CPU, even a laptop would probably do OK.

Two blocks (11-stage and 5-stage)and two block patches (11-stage and 5-stage) are included.

The demo file shows a selection of presets in the 11-stage Block patch.

If you want to get creative, you could place a cascade selector inside that central macro and design a different circuit for each cascade. In other words, the 11 cascades could be a delay followed by a bit-crusher followed by a flanger followed by a tube overdrive followed by... up to 11 device types.

The Block patch is based on the factory Steps block patch.

I include a small macro by Dietrich Pank - Auto Mute during snapshot changes - the block.

The 11-stage block has 128 snapshots, the 5-stage block only has 37. Both patches have 128 snapshots.

I enjoyed making this, I hope you have fun with it, too.


3 months ago
lilpil - I've always taken building seriously.
3 months ago
I had to laugh when my partner asked me, "Do you just intuitively know what these things do, or do the builders give you details/instructions on use?", at exactly the moment I hit DL on this. For years builds would have bupkis in the description, exactly zero info, or cryptic at best; but here is an eg of someone who provides exacting details, even tips on how to 'hack' it into a multi-effect, lol. Just shows how far the UL has now developed. Cheers
3 months ago
Thank you, Jim Hurley.