not modern, not spectacular, not flexible

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1.2 (Updated 3 months ago)
October 25, 2022
Reaktor 6
Instrument Other


but the sequenced version has some charm. Beselbige Bitte, und Haben Sie Bitte Spass.


michael valentine
3 months ago
Thank you for all of your ensembles, Dieter. They have inspired me so much over the years.
3 months ago
"Not spectacular because we won't need spectacles to see all the controls? I've started a wee breeding program using different combos of your most recent creations, with dronetastic results. Plenty of DZ toys 'round here to add flexibility tho'. :) This one has spirit. ty!
Guillaume Richard
3 months ago
quite lovely german impressionism film soundtrack generateur!:) DANKE!:)
Dieter Zobel
3 months ago
Danke, lad mal vers. 1.1. besser jetzt
3 months ago
Na klar! Wie bindlestiff schon mal schrieb, du kannst gar nicht genug sequencer haben. Danke Dieter für deine Variationen.