Lisa - Jule

A toy box inspired by "lissajoulette" (author rachMiel 2005)

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1.1 (Updated 1 month ago)
November 01, 2022
Reaktor 6
Instrument Other


Thanks to Peter Dines for the recordable pad modulation. for perfect gaming fun, please activate the info button and read the description of the pads. Thanks to Bryan Lake for the Cloud 9 reverb (where I took the liberty of modifying it a little bit).
Haben Sie Bitte Spass.


Philippe Loiseau
1 month ago
beautiful, thanks
1 month ago
Whoah, surprise beauty and fun as heck to play, intuitive minimalism. You've really been kicking out the exact medicine we need right now, Dieter; thanks so much for sharing!
1 month ago
WOW, Dieter — danke.