Hellbawx Live

10 looper live samples player

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V 13.8 (Updated 1 month ago)
November 11, 2022
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sampler


10 looper samples player able to hold up to 127 samples per looper with eq, looping points and display


4 weeks ago
Minor tweaks to the version is what happened.... : Wired the Gobox to same audio outputs as Hellbawx players as i had left it wired with 2 audio outputs forgetting that sum noisemakers might only have the one output.. : done a few tweaks on sample players to try make it clearer what it can do with the samples and activated a number of players to show what can be done with the selection of samples loaded.. : Will upload another of the same version with a couple more fixes... Feel free to let me know if you notice something iv maybe forgotten. .
cool breeze
1 month ago
This is exactly the same version that was uploaded on 14th November. Why is this listed today on 31 Dec ?
2 months ago
Hy, thanks for lookin at it, Id forgotten about the snapshots, was working on a global snapshot change and then got distracted with something else at the time, thanks for pointing it out otherwise I'd have forgotten all about it as I use the hellbawx solely as a live tool on the fly,, I started it in 2011 to fix an constant problem I was having where I would spend 20 minutes booting up machines and hardware and plugging things in and out and then setting up a cubase project page and by the time I'd have all that done I'd have lost any creative buzz I had when I decided to power up so This distracted me from all that and making tunes to an instant live samples jig which could go on for hours apart from all the crashes in the beginning,, I must have over 150 gig of ensembles and samples maps from the whole affair, , fun times,, I'd only given a few people testers of it as I was assembling over the years of the different renditions, this one was the simplest and most straitforward version,, there is a version that let's you audition the samples with a modified headphones plug before it goes out to the main system.. Anyways have fun if you download and pack it with loops and samples of your own and save the maps or save the ensembles and it saves all the samples maps within it
2 months ago
2 months ago
Hmh, all 7 snapshots are the same - is this true?