A 12-Note Resonator

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1.01 (Updated 2 months ago)
November 15, 2022
Reaktor 6
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Sympathy is a 12-note resonator meant to add depth and timbre to sounds, similar to how sympathetic strings work on an acoustic instrument. Each resonant 'string' has an amplitude that's roughly determined by how well the input audio fits with its given note or its overtones. The bands are then sorted based on amplitude and can be further scaled to enhance the most prevalent bands via the bias function.

It can range from adding a little warmth to metallic strangeness, to harsh atonal noise fuckery.

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To do
-- More advanced modulation (expand jitter to affect more controls, maybe add an LFO, and add envelope follower as mod sources)
-- Optimize CPU (there's bound to be inefficiencies in there somewhere)
-- Make harshness of the resonator noise gate controllable (right now it has a harsh clicky feel to it that is not good for a lot of purposes)

--11/18/22: Noise gate on feedback to avoid infinite loops and endlessly increasing CPU usage.
--11/14/22: Release


Damon Krause
1 month ago
This is incredible, fantastic work
2 months ago
Yeah, this stands out from other UL resonators for the great little scopes and controls that make for really quick, intuitive band tweakery. Nice!
phillip bova
2 months ago
Sounds really cool!
2 months ago
Fine Ryan.