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January 13, 2002
Reaktor 5 or lower


harmoDronefor reaktor 3.05harmoDrone creates rich, complex, harmonic/partial-filled drones that evolve and mutate slowly over time. you can "encourage" these mutations by twaddling knobs and/or clicking rAndies.trying adding/removing rm and sh from the individual drones to vary their timbres.rachMielwww.rickscotthome.com/zog


Daniel Salomon
11 years ago
harmoDrone + headphones = bliss
Colin Consterdine
11 years ago
I have used this for a long time now. Perfect sounds for cleansing a space.
Christine Webster
12 years ago
Adopted ! :)
Kevin Hopper
16 years ago
This is a wonderful automatic ambient machine. Its charm lies in the use of randomisation of harmonics and the way they overlap and crossfade with each other. An early masterpiece from Rachmiel and very influential on the 'Wool' ensemble. Highly recommended for ambient projects.