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0.1 (Updated 19 years ago)
May 06, 2002
Reaktor 5 or lower


Charybdis_spreadherein lies a new set of samples/snapshots for Charybdis.this is not a v2 of Charybdis, it is a sample/snapshot replacement. (the reason i didn't just upload the new samples/snaps is that reaktor 3.x is horribly buggy in the snapshot-loading department, so i don't trust it.) if you change the Charybdis sample map (which i encourage you to do!), make sure to change the samPle knob range to accommodate the new map! For example, the original Charybdis (flute sample map) takes a samPle knob range of 60-95; Charybdis_spread requires: 0-120. note: to create more interesting/complex random patches on the original posting of Charybdis, turn on its OcTava knob's Remote option. (the option is already on in this posting.)quad erat dominum nostrum demonstrandum ad sonicuum hominum deum.rachMiel