Bouncer Pack 1

3 pack of bouncer-controller sampler/fx units

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Eric Cook
1.0 (Updated 16 years ago)
July 01, 2002
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Other


This pack contains 3 similar ensembles which use bouncer controllers (based on Solarx\'s bouncer.ens) to alter their playback parameters. The bouncers can be used as XY controllers by double-clicking at a specific location in their control surface, or they can be used to oscillate between two user-defined limits (min and max) for each parameter. rachMiel\'s patcher is wired into each ensemble as well, and can be used to create random patches.

The three ensembles are:
* Resynth Bouncer 4-Way - 4 resynth sample players, each controlled by bouncers. A 4-way mix and fx sends (verb and delay) are also controlled by bouncers.
* Grain Bouncer 2-way - 2 grain cloud sample players, each controlled by bouncers. Crossfade mix and verb send are also controlled by bouncers.
* Bouncer Grain Delay Stereo - Stereo pair of grain delays, controlled by bouncers. A bouncer controlled ring modulator, and bouncer controlled mixer (between wet, dry, ring modulated, and ring oscillator) rounds out the ensemble.

Due to size issues, I have not included any samples in the ensembles in this pack. If you\'d like to download versions that have example sounds in the units, you can find them at But I\'d encourage you to use your own sounds anyway; the functions of the controls should be clearer if you know what your source material sounds like in the first place. Remember to turn looping on for any samples that you load.The ensembles can create automatically generated dynamic, dense soundscapes, or as a unique control interface for the main unit in each ensemble. The sample player-based ensembles could easily be used as performance environments. Of the three, the Resynth Bouncer is probably the most useful, but that\'s just my personal preference.

Any and all comments are welcome.


paul chauncy
16 years ago
Very inspiring, I hope these will encourage other bouncing ensembles...
Phil Durrant
16 years ago
this is very nice and a brilliant example of the "bouncer controller" if you use reaktor for live gigs, check this out.