sequenced clix/noise percussion synth

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0.1 (Updated 15 years ago)
July 22, 2002
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Other


table based sequencer to create click/noise(percussion) patterns.


Gogu Iulian
8 years ago
Good good good good good good good
Daniel Salomon
11 years ago
The more I go through the Reaktor User Library, the better I understand the IDM/glitch/clickhop scene of yesteryear. This ensemble and POLE-ONAISE by Dieter Zobel have explained a lot to me in very few words. Thank you Martin (ir) Brinkmann for your contribution(s).
Saul Plaza
14 years ago
So good (and so, so funny). Thanx!
Joe Henson
14 years ago
Loving this instrument. Really useful to ad just enough clixiness when you are working to a tight deadline.
stephen johnson
15 years ago
I really like this. It's kind of a semi-random percussion generator when you use the clock divide function on the right. A bit 'hit and miss' at times but I've still managed to use it on a few tracks. Well done Martin.