Maxwell's Demon


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0.1 (Updated 16 years ago)
August 04, 2002
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sampler


Maxwell's Demonfor reaktor 3.x(for those of you who downloaded Maxwell's Demon from another source (yahoo group, etc.), this is the *real* (debugged) version, so please download it again from here!)me 11th monstrum synth, Maxwell's Demon is a devilish little noiseBox in the enharmonic-spectra-loving tradition of MadBox, heishere, noiseworks, etc. Maxwell's Demon, a thought beast invented by scottish mathematician James Maxwell, sits in a closed box and separates faster from slower molecules, thereby violating the second law of thermodynamics and attaining the holy grail of engineering: perpetual motion.rachMiel8/2002


Cynthia Smith
15 years ago
Awesome! I spent about an hour making patches with this thing. Roger Corman should have used this on the soundtrack to THE TRIP.