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August 07, 2002
Reaktor 5 or lower


I have had some requests for the latest version of the BTS-Dream lately, so here it is. For new users: The BTS-Dream is a flexible subtractive/FM combination synth, with three oscillators, two filters, effects and a modulation matrix.


Szentpétery Csaba
3 years ago
One of the best big modular! I have the version where there is a random button!
Julian Cafarella
5 years ago
Julian Cafarella
5 years ago
Another piece this time solely using BTSDream(Both versions the original and the audio rate version). This piece bears the unmistakeable imprint in its sounds of a mastery of subtractive synthesis by the author of the presets used! Many thanks for making them available
Julian Cafarella
5 years ago
I am belatedly thanking you for this great sounding synth! With such variety in the 128 snapshots it has long been a favorite of mine. However I have inadvertently used Barry Holloway's updated version in a soundscape of mine when I had originally intended to use the original for which I now thank you. If you are at all interested my soundscape "Labyrinthine Affect" is at Please feel free to sample/listen/enjoy!:)
Rip Rowan
8 years ago
Terrific lead synth. Love the aftertouch implementation. "Heavier" snap is my go-to solo instrument.
Ernest Meyer
16 years ago
What I like about this synth in particular is the large collection of presets which include very nice settings for real time controllers like aftertouch and pitch bend which make this one of the most fun instruments to fool around with :)
Jason Jochems
16 years ago
Pretty well balanced synth. capable of a lot of variations of sounds but still has an interface thats not too insane. really well executed. just some constructive criticism. wasnt sure why the comb filters werent mono for the sake of saving processor bandwidth. and the fm inputs on the filters werent being used for the envelopes which ive found improves the sound. same thing for osc's but you'd have to swap out the osc's for ones with fm. Am interested to see how it progresses.