2d tables, sequencers, event tables, audio tables,

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September 13, 2002
Reaktor 5 or lower


2d tables, sequencers, event tables, audio tables, clocks, saturators, COunters, cubic shapers....These are just a few of the modules NI would have you torture yourself to learn. This is because they're not aware that 99.9999% of reaktor users have no fucking clue how to use the modules in reaktor. Noone will tell you where or if there is a book on 'how-to' use this software and noone will tell you where they learned from. Because PRETENDING you figured it out yourself just to impress the person who asks you for help is more important than just being truthful.So here is my latest addition to the ever-growing user library!It's a small, ugly-as-sin-sounding fm synth that uses samples as oscillators. I would love to sequence the FM knob with a 2d table, but there's not a single human being or book on earth that will explain to me how it is done.this synth started as a clone of propellerheads Subtractor but because noone will tell me how to hook up an ADSR envelope to an event multiplier, this clone will never be complete.


Gerhard Schultz
9 years ago
martijn zwartjes knows