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3.0 (Updated 17 years ago)
November 21, 2002
Reaktor 5 or lower
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this is a "flying-bees" .ens i created for an exibition a friend of mine is planing.-a 4x4 m room in a dark basement with 450kg sand and a few objects in it.the idea is to put a permanent (but) moving bee-kind sound into the room.there are 6 speakers on the ceiling- 5 in a circle + one in the middle.2 sample-loops(not bees by now) are faded by random-controlledlfos through 6 outs- in addition there is another random-controlledlfo fading between the bees and an effect (reverb) which is routed to all 6 outs(L->1,3,5 ; R->2,4,6). i m working on inputs for light-sensors because the visitors will enter thedark room with torches and the sound will then move to where the light is (+ a new soundloop is faded in as well).i love the english language.suggestions questions swearwords:nikolaus@20goto10.net... LIGHT.ins done now- 2 controllers are fading majas/willis signals to mixers where a new loop each is added and then routed to 1/2 , 3/4


Nicholas Czewicz
15 years ago
Wow, I wish there were more people like you where I come from.