audio level meter

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June 15, 2003
Reaktor 5 or lower
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The K-system is a way of monitoring audio levels introduced by Bob Katz.
In the html-page included in this package he explains the K-system.
The K-20_RMS.ens is my interpretation of the
K-20/RMS made with the modules of Reaktor.
Very relaxed monitoring instead of the common
bouncing peak-meters.
The advantage of using this kind of monitoring is that the song you record will sound as loud as your previous song. With peak-meters you have nothing to hold on to.

(now the K-14_RMS.ens is included)


ilias boufidis
5 years ago
thank you
11 years ago
thanks :)
hell woooda
16 years ago
Benjamin Suthers
18 years ago
oh yeah. bring it on Bertjan. I think I probably need a K-14 though, and a processor that reverses fletcher munson, for creating simulated dynamics and a ....and a....