UC33 MIDI Mapper

Evolution UC33 MIDI Mapper

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0.1 (Updated 15 years ago)
July 15, 2003
Reaktor 5 or lower
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UC33 MIDI Mapper Instrument
by Richard Smith 2003.

For owners of the Evolution Electronics UC33 MIDI controller unit (www.evolution.co.uk). Lets you use a single UC33 patch to control any number of Reaktor instruments and ensembles by translating the MIDI values from the UC33 to user-definable controller values, transmited to the target Instruments.


1. Maps each physical knob, slider and button on the UC33 to a Reaktor preset-configurable MIDI COntroller ID. Let's you define a UC33 MIDI Mapper preset for each Reaktpr instrument you want to control.

2. Displays a short user-definable, preset-configurable label against each knob/slider/button image to remind you which physical controls you mapped to which control on the target Instrument.

3. UC33 Fwd and Rwd buttons (bottom right-hand side of unit) coded to send Program Change messages to the target Instrument

4. Simulated 3 digit LED displaying MIDI controller value (0 - 127) of the controller currently being manipulated.

5. The on-screen knob and slider images in the UC33 MIDI Mapper instrument [A] panel move to reflect the current value of the controller. These are also mouse controllable (ie. custom GUI controls).

6. UC33 MIDI Mapper has a [B] panel view to allow you to set up the mapped controller IDs and the visible controller labels. In normal use, just use the [A] panel view.

Further Details

Mouse over the "Setup Instructions" and "Usage Instructions" on the [A] panel for detailed setup and usage guidelines.


Thanks to Evolution Electronics for clearing the use of the UC33 unit image used as a background to this Instrument.


Evan tze
4 years ago
How can I add this file in traktor to map uc33? from the control manager > device > add, is not possible since the file has an .ens extension and not an .tsi. Thank you in advance
William French
12 years ago
This is SO COOL! Thanks!!!
Jeffrey Shell
13 years ago
Great work! I just received my copy of Reaktor 5 and my UC33e today and was starting to freak out when I couldn't quite get things working together. This helped everything!
John Nowak
16 years ago
Awesome looking.. too bad I have a UC-16! I put an instrument for that up in the library, but its not nearly as cool looking as this thing.
Mike Woloszyn
16 years ago
Good work !!!!