selfsimilar music generator

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1.0 (Updated 18 years ago)
July 16, 2003
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Other


a 'quick n dirty' reaktor implementation of the famous 'gingerbreadman-fractal'. 3 voices, mutual fm, 2 delays and a flanger.


Stephan Bobinger
5 years ago
love this
Anton Bös
10 years ago
Many thanks for this ensemble.
Alexander Spechtenhauser
12 years ago
its still a realy great ens.(like all of you stuff !! thanx martin !!
Ryan Dean
13 years ago
Great implementation and mapping. Thank you very much!
Robert Żwirkowski
16 years ago
very good sound,inspiring me-happy-
Bryan Campbell
19 years ago
i love this thing! very inspiring generative sequencer. thanks very much mr. brinkmann.
Terry Engelbrecht
19 years ago
Another great Martin Brinkmann synth!! Do you ever sleep Martin? ;)Thanks for this & the other uploads over the last few years - many of your synths are in my favourites folder.
Roland Kessler
19 years ago
exiting thing!
Phil Durrant
19 years ago
this is another winner, my only advice is to try it at first without the FX as they can smother what is happening. another great reaktor live tool.