jittery sequencer

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Rick Scott
1.0 (Updated 14 years ago)
November 26, 2003
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sequencer


jitterBug wants to dance for you.


daniel battaglia
13 years ago
ok, im using this in reaktor 5 on a pc and it is having the same issues mentioned by sakabeat earlier - ie: totally unusable
Omar Sharan
14 years ago
Very cool and easy to use. not bad on cpu.
Heath Rezabek
15 years ago
rick, this is quite interesting, although i have a wish list. :) i wish he speed was linked to BPM, andi wish i could discern a more palpable difference in character between the bugs. i love icepad for that reason, so i know you can do it! :) as for the platform thing, folks... we all love sound and music, and we are all using our tool of choice. i really wish the platformism, on either side, wasn't so prevalent. remember: Reaktor is our common platform. :) making things work well for all of us shld be the biggest goal. all imho amen. -aqaraza
GG.G SakabeaT
15 years ago
But,but,but.......the funniest of the funniest is that they are all working fine as vst!!!!??!!??....tested with sx2 and tracktion (OT:Tracktion is excellent with reaktor...).....so one more time I DONT UNDERSTAND ANYTHING!!!!.....if someone has an idea about that.....
GG.G SakabeaT
15 years ago
if i remember Rick is on pc Win9x;....i used to have the same problem,artur,i'm on athlon1900 winxp....the problem used to happen with rick's organism serie,all the kevin hopper ensembles and oki comp (and some others i dont remember),dont know what was wrong but it was impossible to use any of these ens.....and one day,dont ask me why,they start to work.....i couldn't find why,i hadn't made change in my system,i thought the last R4 update fixed this issue for athlon (i didnt know what else to think)....but two days ago i d/ld this jitterBug.ens and the problem came back....arrghh!!!!and now i cant use all the prelisted .ens again?so it's not as i thought a P4 only thing,it's a pc thing.....and the funniest is that i havn't change anything in my computer since the last time i use eg oki-comp or gertrude with no problem......so one more time I DONT UNDERSTAND ANYTHING!!!!but you're not alone
Artur Nowak
15 years ago
Sounds very thic, but this is yet another ensemble, which causes CPU overloads. Every other preset. The mouse pad (XY controller) is killing CPU instantly. Let me guess... this was made on Mac, I have a PC (P4). :-( Will NI fix the incompatibility between platforms already?
Kevin Hopper
15 years ago
Yes, really well put together, especially the mouseboard and routing. Sounds are FM -y and trebley clangy. Actually, this is a little bit like your old stuff, isn't it, Rick ?
Phil Durrant
15 years ago
this is really nice. not only is the .ens itself a real joy, there are some elements that are worth "borrowing". the reverb (low CPU, cheap ;-), distortion and EQ are all very nice and i will be using them in some of my .ens. also the way the mouse bord can modulate one or more different things is worth checking out. as tom says faBuLouS.
Thomas Watson
15 years ago
faBuLouS! tHis wiLL deFiniTeLy gEt sOmE sEriOuS uSe. mOre pAn mOduLatIon opTioNs wOuLd bE niCe(mAybE oNe pEr bUg?) sO tHat tHe bUgs cAn daNcE arOuNd mY spEaKers :)