Amulet of Wonder

Choir Synth and Song Player

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0.1 (Updated 15 years ago)
December 05, 2003
Reaktor 5 or lower


Here is a Christmas present for you all.
It is a 4-voice (4x2 voice actually) choir synth. It has four programmable (for those who like tedium) sequencers, preloaded with ten of your favorite Christmas carols. The sequencer tables are displayed in the "B" view.
For those of you not into carols, there are spacey random modes.
The vocal sounds can be altered somewhat with a control slaved to the MOD-Wheel MIDI controller for hours of fun.

Oh, and there is a little slide show to watch while listening to the songs.


Szentpétery Csaba
3 years ago
I could not really control.
12 years ago
I don't think of churches when I listen to your ens. Good sound carpet in smoothly magic ride thru the orient of 1001 nights.
12 years ago
I feel like I'm in the Carlsbad Caverns listening to a saintly choir.
James Clark
13 years ago
Thanks Van! It is always interesting to see what people do with my ensembles. Let me know if you ever do a fugue using my Sitar (Sehktar)!
Van Clark
13 years ago
Just thought you ( manufacturer of ) might be interested in the application of "Amulet of Wonder" . You can listen to my song at - VanGrieg - "Fughetta for Voices and Strings"
ashley rajan
14 years ago
tranzash, this is an awesome instrument. thanks for sharing
Van Clark
14 years ago
Masterfully done!!!
Evan Schiller
15 years ago
space walk is dope.
15 years ago
Thank you. This makes all the problems I've been having with Spektral Delay seem so trifling now. I'm ashamed. ;-]
Rainer Ortwein
15 years ago
a touch of christmas in the midth of august - interesting concept indeed
duncan glasson
15 years ago
oh dear
Paul Dassen
15 years ago
Faaaaantastic !!!!!!! great sense of humor !
Bodo Kuznik
15 years ago
Wonderfull Christmas Time Machine ! Thanks a lot !
Norman Kopper
15 years ago
marcos sawosky
15 years ago
An Angel sang to me and now I want to believe in G-d!!!
Alexander Freeman
15 years ago
Interesting concept.
Kevin Hopper
15 years ago
Heart warming!
Kimmo Kivelä
15 years ago
Beautiful endeed!
Al Watson
15 years ago
he he! i normally cant stand christmass but this ensemble might just make it bearable this year! it's like something out of a terry gilliam animation! top stuff!
Phil Durrant
15 years ago
this will not encourage me to go to church on christmas day, or any other day ;-} but it will encourage me to explore the use of multi- pictures in reaktor. this is a fantastic bit of programming. maybe it is not so useful to me in terms of sound but i still think that it is a great upload. thanks