random midi note (pitch/gate) generator and modalizer

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Rick Scott
1.3 (Updated 17 years ago)
December 22, 2003
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Other


meLodion generates a semi-random stream of notes (pitch/gate combinations) in one of eight modes (scales). you can also specify the key of the mode (C major, Ab dorian, etc.).

wireless, which makes it a nice tool for testing instruments that are driven by midi NotePitch and Gate modules.

NOTE: please change the meLodion instrument's number of voices from 2 to 1. i'll make a polyphonic version, but this first draft is monophonic. :-)



Daniel Salomon
14 years ago
As an ensemble, it's "ok". As an instrument to be taken out and set to control other synthesizers, this is a VERY handy not-so-random note generator. Good .ins to have available for transplanting to another ensemble. Thanks.
14 years ago
A very useful tool and fun to play.
Neville Edwards
15 years ago
Donovan, did you ever upload it ? Did a quick search but no joy, would be awesome! Nev
Donovan Stringer
16 years ago
I'm prepared at long last to share my polyphonic version of this excellent Reaktor tool.
David Dilliway
16 years ago
Very interesting but some more scale types such as major and minor phrygian would be useful. Yours Dave Dilliway
Julian Harris
18 years ago
Hi again Rick, yes I'm definitely interested in how such a think could become polyphonic, or more basically how to make the notes overlap. How polyphonic events can be generated to do this would be fascinating; any insights you have would be great (I can't find anything in the dox on this). cheers then, Julian
Julian Harris
18 years ago
Great fun Rick! Very inspiring. I'd like to bring this into the world of polyphony with a dash of harmony and counterpoint applied... that's the vision anyway... we'll see how I get on in the coming months! Cheers!
Tim Flood
18 years ago
I really like this! But it doesn't seem to like external midi gear. It causes notes to stick when used with my Juno-106. Still, I'm really looking forwatd to the polyphonic version!
Paul Jarrett
18 years ago
I LOVE this ensemble. Thanks for bundling the FM synth with it. Sometimes when I'm putzing around the studio (cleaning or straightening up) I'll put on a nice soft FM patch and just let it play as background music. Thanks!
Cliff Douse
18 years ago
I agree. At face value I first thought this was a bit boring compared to other rachMiel concoctions, but you can have a hell of a lot of fun with this when you start playing around... :-)
Phil Durrant
18 years ago
hey, this is very good. sometimes i need some note/gate/velocity values that are being generated so that i can concentrate on sound mangling. i want these values to have a live/spontaneous feel. this really does that. hook it up to your favourite synth and just concentrate on the sound manipulation.