p r o g r a m c h i l d >>>>>>r e d c h a n n e l

r e d c h a n n e l >>>>dual tube preamp/tube compressor

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1.0 (Updated 15 years ago)
January 02, 2004
Reaktor 5 or lower
Effect Other


redchannel features the best Reaktor tube saturation ever posted

the compression is delicious, close and warm but far from usual behavior

it´s meant to enrich your track with flavor


superb tube sound
soft tube compression
FLAVOR circuit for boost and brilliance
1/1 sync sidechain for DAFT pump within synced environment

your friend in need
p r o g r a m c h i l d

and other vintage strips outthere? I need
test signals!


1 year ago
any chance of a stereo version and a nice gui that doesn't look like all knobs fell out
Daniel Hogan
2 years ago
Downloaded from Mars 2017. Thanks ... :)
kenny mojica
7 years ago
sounds clean bro!!!!!!!!! lov it!
Tobias Wagner
15 years ago
My favorite Reaktor effect for vocal enhancement. Great job!! ...and slick looking UI too!
naoaki kojima
15 years ago
Phil Durrant
15 years ago
another classic from program child.fennesz, eat your heart out;-)
Kimmo Kivelä
15 years ago
Works great on guitar played live. I just had to add input gain. Really smooth.
hello programchild
15 years ago
the included presets may not work randomly there will be a new version soon...