TripleAxxe MkII

3 osc analogue-style monosynth with tempo sync and many other new updated features.

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1.1 (Updated 15 years ago)
January 05, 2004
Reaktor 5 or lower


In addition to the features on my earlier upload, Triple Axxe Mk II also has three tempo-synced LFOS (one for each oscillator), a tempo-synced stereo delay, an overdrive unit, a ring modulator and a Random control section. The new interface is more intuitive than the original and there's a new set of snaps to demonstrate the extra features.

If you missed the original Triple Axxe, it was simply three virtual Arp Axxe analogue-style monosynths in parallel with an onboard mixer. The original virtual Axxe was uploaded earlier by Andy Robins.

The latest version now has 6 LFOs: three new syncable ones in addition to the three manually operated ones - you can have all six going at the same time to produce some complex modulation effects. Graphic displays are also now included to show waveforms and there's a Random section for instantly tweaking sounds or generating rough new patches.

Triple Axxe MkII is fairly CPU-hungry for a monosynth, but if you have a lower spec PC or Mac you can get away with most presets by downing the resolution a bit.

There's a minor bug - occasionally you might get a 'hanging' note when you switch from a heavily effected preset to another snap, but just play a note on your keyboard and it will go away. (BTW, if anyone knows how to get rid of this effect, please let me know!)

Have fun and let me know what you think!

Tip: the presets that play by themselves... just let them play, but you can adjust the overall pitch of the ongoing sequence by playing a note on your control keyboard.

V1.1 has various design tweaks and improvements. An earlier version of V1.1 was uploaded on 5/1/04 with some incorrect overdrive and level settings. These have now been corrected.


Alexander Spechtenhauser
11 years ago
nice sounds ,great synth , thx for sharing
jerzy przezdziecki
13 years ago
lot of fun, thnx
Evan Schiller
14 years ago
really rich. and nice to look at. many thanks!
John Loose
15 years ago
I want to fly like an eagle~excellent
Dieter Zobel
15 years ago
it sounds !