p r o g r a m c h i l d > || < c l a p t o m a t

p r o g r a m c h i l d > || < c l a p t o m a t

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1.0 (Updated 15 years ago)
January 08, 2004
Reaktor 5 or lower
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is a natural handclap / fingersnap instrument
with up to 16 claps/snaps at one time, with
automatic humanizing.
The claps/snaps were recorded with a neumann km-83 kunstkopf microphone without further editing.
The instrument works polyphonic, the number of voices determines the number of claps / snaps.

If you wanna put in your own samples, map the first 16 samples chromatic from c1, the second 16 samples from e2.

The trigger is velocity sensitive, so layering can be used.

The included envelope is useful to control the
p r o g r a m c h i l d bedroom effect which is part of the samples.

p r o g r a m c h i l d
president of the
sophisticated guitar players cook it yourself club


Lars Bo Hermansen
6 years ago
This do what is called out for and a little more. God sound. Thanks.
Andrew Huang
10 years ago
For what it sets out to achieve, this is a perfect ensemble.
eamon hamill
13 years ago
Great sounding claps. Excellent.
kourouma issa
13 years ago
thanks , a must have
Julian Ray
13 years ago
Very useful, Thanks!
Albin Janoska
14 years ago
very cool, thx!
steffen goerke
15 years ago
danke schoen..
Frank Kusserow
15 years ago
wow, that´s the plug i was always looking for. You´re the hero. I think there should be a programchild bundle. Do you also build synth´s? I didn´t find any so far, would be great. thx.
Kay Wächter
15 years ago
i love your instruments. This one is like the others just great.
Mitsuru HIbino
15 years ago
hello programchild
16 years ago
reduce the number of voices to save cpu power. the number of voices defines the number of simultaneous claps/snaps
Shimpei Numata
16 years ago
Robert Croft
16 years ago
once again - fabulous! Yes it is a bit cpu hungry for a clap and snap maker - bouncing to audio would be the way to use this.
Phil Durrant
16 years ago
high quality claps and snaps. i would sample your edits because the cpu changes drastically when you press a key.
Kevin Hopper
16 years ago
happy clappy
hello programchild
16 years ago
oh mapping must be from note zero, not c1, you see it in the mapping editor
Cliff Douse
16 years ago
Very impressive! A little bit heavy on CPU, though...
John-Paul McCarthy
16 years ago
this is fantastic! :0