Same as Q4 but with 8 ouputs. A stereo pair per sample. Add a plugin to each sample.

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drew cady
1.5 (Updated 17 years ago)
January 19, 2004
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sampler


This is a layer sampler with 8 outputs for the host. Now you can apply a different plugin on each sampler for full flexability.
There are four samplers that are all triggered form the master panel key on button or midi notes.
They share the same ADSR and key pitch.
When changing from different snapshots you might have to push the KEY ON again to reset the selectors. The "sel" changes what sample is played.

Made for sound design where you want to layer sounds together to make a more full sound.
Daw's will give you full automation. I needed a simple sampler that could be manipulated in time.
There are some new features like choosing the octave to the right of the sampler window. This gives
you the opportunity when you have synced the different samples pitch together with the frequency
knobs, you can quickly change the octave, fifth or forth.
The eq can be crossfaded on and off instead of a bypass.

There is on and off for each sampler above the output volume. Depth brings in the LFO for the volume and pitch. The LFO can be a free rate with no sync or synced with time you can change your cycle value 1/4 1/2note.......
The Master panel can change overall level, pitch, and lfo rates of all samplers at once.
I have tried to make it as click and pop free as I could.
I encourage you to put your own sample loops in.
Every control has a sequential midi mod number and ID. So when you are in a Host all controls are easy to find and automate.

Made by Seismic Island Labs, Audiomind