Vertical Linear Fader v1_0

Multi-picture - based vertical fader with MIDI and mouse ctrl

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1.3 (Updated 17 years ago)
March 08, 2004
Reaktor 5 or lower


** v1.2 update on request to add a RCtl input to the fader macro to switch between resetting to the zero value (V0) input or the last snapshot-recalled value.

** v1.1 update to correct jumping problems if mouse moved too quickly. Also no longer causes fader to mini-jump to mouse position when u first click on the fader .. instead it tracks the position of the mouse when u click the fader graphic. So, overall, the fader action is a lot smoother with this version **

Multi-picture based vertical linear fader, attempting to emulate some of the control and output functions of a native Reaktor fader control (but with your own custom graphics). This is a test ensemble - the real content is the VerticalLinearFader v1.0 macro embedded in the fader instrument. I have included a test fader animation for demo purposes but the macro is designed for you to quickly set up your own graphical creations.

1. Allows interactive mouse control over on-screen fader position
2. Provides a value meter displaying definable output value range (with definable value quantisation)
3. MIDI controller input of fader position
4. Output of MIDI (0...127) and Value (range defined by the input Vmax and Vmin values, with Vqt quantised steps) events.
5. Inclusion in / isolation from snapshots (via the Snp input to the macro)
6. Triggered value reset to a definable value within the valid value range (the V0 and Rst macro inputs)
7. Fairly extensive commenting within the macro structure.

Test host instrument also provides a MIDI routing macro with a controlling knob to set the desired output MIDI controller ID of the fader macro, and a test button for the Reset function. To test the MIDI input control feature of the fader, send values for controller id #20 on midi channel #16, and watch the Volume knob on the included simple synth instrument from the Reaktor library move!

This is my first uploaded instrument after playing with Reaktor since v2 - all comments (esp. on any on how to improve CPU efficiency or optimising the structure) gratefully received.



Cliff Douse
17 years ago
Actually Richard... I tried to 'implant' the Reset section into my current soft synth and I've had no luck whatsoever so far. Any ideas about what I should connect up to what...?
Cliff Douse
17 years ago
Very useful. Thanks!
Robert Croft
17 years ago
Yes, I see lots of ways to use this little gem. The reset feature is a fabulous idea. Thanks for sharing this Richard - very thoughtful work !
Phil Durrant
17 years ago
richard, thank you so much. i hope other people will find this as valuable as i will. just think, you could really mess your settings on a synth (or whatever) with randomisation and then click a reset button and go back to the settings that you saved with the snap. lovely!