Virus KB Style Programmable arpeggiator + Synth. Lots of snapshots and comments.

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Chris List
1.7 (Updated 17 years ago)
April 08, 2004
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sequencer


Update for Version 1.7 (4/8/04):
Updated for r4.1.2
- Fixed scroll bars for delay pan position
- Added a couple more snapshots
- Arpeggiator logic Seems to be running great thanks to R4.1.2 internal automation fixes!
- If you come up with any cool snapshots, send 'em my way!

Update for Version 1.6 (8/28/03):
Fixed problem with ensemble load-after-save when used as VSTi

Update for Version 1.5 (5/26/03):
"Snap Isolate" for Text Lists doesn't work - no wonder I couldn't track down the problems I was having. This version has no text lists.
Sorry I didn't catch this sooner.

Update for Version 1.4 (5/26/03):
- Got my manual so now understand internal automation, MIDI CCs are no longer used - you can use whatever MIDI CCs you want for panel control.

- Fixed Qatsi macros Mono setting. This means the arpeggiator can now be saved as a macro file and loaded into other instruments - as intended!



I decided to try to create an arpeggiator that worked like the one in my Virus KB. The trick is that I wanted it to be a macro that could be cut and pasted into other instruments without requiring the snapshots to all need to be redone for the instrument you pasted it in to. I did it! It lives!

All settings are tables, and the tables even have their own compare / restore functionality - just like if you were using snapshots (something Ive not seen in any other table-based sequencer type things before).

I built an instrument around it, made a whole bunch of snapshots, and named the ensemble Koyaanisqatsi, since its arpeggios remind me so much of the film (by Godfrey Reggio with music by Philip Glass). Just check out the snapshots, its easy to use and comes with VERY detailed notes and instructions section. Snapshots include both arpeggiated sounds, and some with the arpeggiator off. For the [arp] snapshots, try them with both one note and with chords. For you experimental types try putting it into a sample-player type of an instrument and trigger different samples in a an arpeggiated way. For you techno and classic electronica types, just use as is :)

Includes a readme file on some the finer points of how you can expect the arpeggiator to work. The panel and macros are fully commented.

Technically I consider this the culmination of everything Ive learned since starting with Reaktor, hope you like it.

- Enjoy,


Michael Marandino
2 years ago
Is there a difference between this and the slightly newer one?
Kent Sandvik
14 years ago
Hmm, when downloading, MacOSX/FireFox, the downloaded zipped entry is just a folder with the .ens name at the end.
Richard Souther
15 years ago
This is one of the best! Thank you!
16 years ago
Stop reading reviews & just download it already....Its worth it....
17 years ago
Switch it on and start Cubase. (Don't want to step on your toes, but these are the only ideas I have right now... :-/ )
David Skaugerud
17 years ago
Love the synth part, but even on the older version, I could never get the arpeggiator to work. (I'm using R4 as a plug-in in Cubase VST 32 5.1, Mac OS 9.2). Any ideas?
17 years ago
arrgh!!! I ment IMPRESSED not "inpreesed". (have got some bear and too much spending time on my computer (programming ensembles ;-) )
17 years ago
I don't like arpeggiators but i am very inpreesed about your ensemble - very cool macros and algorithms. Vote 10 (would give 10.5 if possible ;-) )
Mark Mahoney
17 years ago
What a great synth. Easy to figure out, great sounds. A very large tonal spectrum. Very inspiring
Jens Focke
18 years ago
full of fun !!!! great thanks !!!
Brian Forsythe
18 years ago
Love it, except for the fact that I can't load a bank without crashing.
atushi shimazu
18 years ago
shea Dickau
18 years ago
outstanding,...midi playable arpeggiation,..hehe the arp will be put to good use in other ensembles,..the sound is great,...and has other wise inspired me to pull my head out of reaktor 3 and start constructing more in reaktor 4.
David Wong
18 years ago
This synth is incredible! Thanks!
Bodo Kuznik
18 years ago
Realy great,Thanks !
Jon Nix
18 years ago
I can only agree with the other comments. This is excellent, very usable and terrific-sounding. Thank you! :)
James Lechner
18 years ago
Outstanding! Works great and easy to put to werk right a way!
Peter Ehrlich
18 years ago
Thanks for the hard work. :)
Peter Ehrlich
18 years ago
the synth alone is great!
Paul Compton
18 years ago
Great arpeggiator, terrific sound! And, as I've come to expect from CList, a great panel as well!
Takaaki Noda
18 years ago
Wes Surber
18 years ago
This is a great ensemble! No crashes, works perfectly.
takada kazuhiro
18 years ago
Eric Wistrand
18 years ago
I loved the original!Thanks for making it R4 friendly!
David Johnson
18 years ago
I love the qatsi arpeggiator. Great ensemble!
Alfredo Vargas
18 years ago
same problem here :-( "file not found /www/htdocs/fileadmin/downloads/protected/userlib/1051070846_File_koyaanisqatsiv01.1.zip."
Amar Bouchibane
18 years ago
Download not available? "file not found /www/htdocs/fileadmin/downloads/protected/userlib/1051070846_File_koyaanisqatsiv01.1.zip"