dual grain delay

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0.4 (Updated 15 years ago)
May 13, 2004
Reaktor 5 or lower
Effect Other



this fx based on 2 grain delays with envelope modulation for pitch and delaytime.

use the show hints function for controller description
on panel b are the beatloop and the int/ext switch

all comments are welcome


Dennis Harms
8 years ago
Really crazy stuff! Thanks!
Ashley Marians
13 years ago
tickled pink
daniel battaglia
14 years ago
fantastic, mr.erdle, your grain effects are amongst the best out there. thank you !
Don Dailey
15 years ago
It's Pink'O'Licious! Fun for the whole family. Thanks.
Erwin Hermann
16 years ago
I had to give 10! Incredible machine :-)
Cliff Douse
16 years ago
Very nice. The best sounding Reaktor effect I've heard to date.
Phil Durrant
16 years ago
another winner
Art Juchno
16 years ago
Looks a little more like Mr. Magenta. I wish I could hear it, but can't because the Reactor Session upgrade has yet to be released.
Markus Brandt
16 years ago
would be the right fx for "Funkstörung" - ..... ;)
Florian Erdle
16 years ago
yes ass rocking was my intention
Markus Brandt
16 years ago
just rockz ass -- super!!!
Rick Scott
16 years ago
utterly delicious. makes me glitch all over ... :-)