dreamy filter/delay with rando-automized everything

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Rick Scott
1.0 (Updated 17 years ago)
May 22, 2004
Reaktor 5 or lower
Effect Other


transmutes incoming audio into a filter/delay dream. especially effective with human voices.

you might need to turn the auTos on/off and click raNdom a few times to get the randomization flowing properly.

schöne träume


Jaime Velasco
10 years ago
Thanks Rick!
randy adams
13 years ago
Randy Adams Very effective Thank You
kent williams
14 years ago
fucking hell rick this thing is perfect. You just feed it some signals and it it takes off into the oort cloud
David Kennedy
17 years ago
Very, very cool indeed. This is one of my favorite delays in Reaktor.
Paul Brassey
17 years ago
Very nice - could use some sort of commpressor/limmiter to even out the drastic volume changes over time tho'. Most of the time it is warbling away quite quietly - and then! Good fun tho' I wouldn't leave it running while I went for tea!
colin lindo
18 years ago
great stuff!!!! 9.5 :)
Sebastian Zenke
18 years ago
all i have to say "sounds very nice!!!!!!!!"
Peter Ehrlich
18 years ago
Really good! one more to the long list of Rachmiel's Try a simple cowbell/shaker loop too.
Rob Klippel
18 years ago
Very excellent indeed.... who can have too many Reaktor based filters and sound tweekers/twisters... I suspect that number is quite low... mucho respecto!... great work as always...
N Marsh
18 years ago
Cliff Douse
18 years ago
I'm pleasantly traumatized. :-)
Jean Louis Hargous
18 years ago
Une réussite exceptionnelle! 10
Storlon Infloria
18 years ago
10 !!!
Tom Mueller
18 years ago
At a roadside shrine, before the stony buddha a firefly burns - Taniguchi Buson (take a 10 from your official poetry stalker…)
Kevin Hopper
18 years ago
This is really lovely, Mr Rach. Have you tried putting a strangled cat through it yet? ;-)