Metafunctional Physics

Visuals inspired by Metaphysical function

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May 24, 2004
Reaktor 5 or lower
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This ensemble does not primarily generate sound, but fancy patterns. I think this is similar to metaphysical function, hence the name. But its nothing near as elaborated.


andy myst
9 years ago
Working on a vid to accompany a track for Youtube, this gives some interesting graphics worth incorporating, just got to figure out how...
daniel battaglia
15 years ago
until i saw this and then program-child's kung-fu game i had no idea the X-Y module could make such detailed graphical renderings as i thought the scope module is a bit grainy looking
David M Retter Jr
15 years ago
what do you use it for? graphics are great, but do you do anything with them?
Kreestof Chandley
15 years ago
This isn't supposed to make sound, it's graphics only, read the info. Very impressive displays are possible with this. It's a lot of fun.
Stefan Knauthe
15 years ago
makes not a single tone on my g4 osx powerbook...
Stefan Knauthe
15 years ago