Travelizer Fx

Travelizer from NI library transform to Fx

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0.2 (Updated 17 years ago)
June 09, 2004
Reaktor 5 or lower
Effect Other


0.2 for the presets the freeze function is now disabled.

Travelizer from NI library transform to Fx with freeze function.

Have fun!


Michael Peters
9 years ago
Really nice!
Jason Acuna
10 years ago
GREAT!!! I've always liked travelizer but was too lazy to create my own sample maps… this ROCKS!
Rob Dietz
15 years ago
beautiful! pure chewing satisfaction! i've been wanting this. i did like the MIDI pitch and MIDI rez features of the original Travelizer though.
jim jacobsen
17 years ago
way cool.
17 years ago
Sehr gut
Thomas Thomas McIntyre
18 years ago
Thankyou, I used this in ver3 alot and now I have it in 4 thankyou again.
Dave O Mahony
18 years ago
Thank you Pierre! Very useful Travelizer!
Jean Louis Hargous
18 years ago
très interessant Bravo!