Glitch Hop Auto Mc

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Karl White
1.0 (Updated 15 years ago)
July 04, 2004
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Other


virtual mc technology based word mapping sequencer.


Daniel Salomon
12 years ago
All I need now is to find a phrase or series of words I don't mind having repeated/stuttered over a beat, and it's ON. Thanks for making this trigger available - yet another valuable lesson in "how it's done".
Xaver Naudascher
15 years ago
nice potential
David Kennedy
15 years ago
This is really a nifty idea - some similar things are happening with "virtual vocalist" type products but this sample-based implementation allows different types of control (e.g. stutters, random play). Only two quibbles are, it looks like the randomisation includes segments that should be deactivated, and the playback often really doesn't include quite enough of a word (except in straight-ahead play mode)... Still, really nice and thought-provoking work here. Question: how did you choose the words used in the sample dictionary, and have you done any research in semantic clustering?
wilfried thierry
15 years ago
15 years ago
Music Technology
15 years ago
Tidy, tidy, very tidy. Gonna have to pull this baby apart and take a peek at her privates. Nice work.
The Soundpilot
16 years ago
This is very exciting stuff, thanks
Karl White
16 years ago
thanks...It would be easier if reaktor would populate lists with the contents of the sampler
spek de trolls
16 years ago
shame for the choice ov our personnal smpls but i like it a lot
Phil Durrant
16 years ago
"can I put my own samples in ?" yes click on "Untitled map" however you will have rename all the list entries to correspond with the names of your samples.
Eric Raymond
16 years ago
Very cool idea, will have to break it down and try to load own samples...
JPaul Morton
16 years ago
can I put my own samples in ?
Al Watson
16 years ago
ma....madjule......kay ke kay kay kaos.....therefore....w w w w worth.....freaky stuff!