NEW and IMPROVED drum map player :-)

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Rick Scott
3.1 (Updated 14 years ago)
July 05, 2004
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sequencer


formerly drumLiner, druMMer takes a drum map (three are included in the .zip file) and turns it into odd little sequences suitable for looping.

v2 feels much more like a (very strange) human drummer. new:

- fiLters (thanks, phil)
- paNNer
- deNs (instead of duRation logic)

enjoy! :-)



Cliff Douse
15 years ago
Great fun to play with.
Phil Durrant
15 years ago
gosh i am obviously hard to please ;-) i realise it is the panner, to be more specific, it is the sterioizer, inside the panner that i don't like. it makes things sound out of phaze. for the filter i was thinking of a sequenced filter. the idea would by to simulate drums when they are hit with less force, and thus have less overtones. oh well.....:-)
Edmond Hui
15 years ago
Phil Durrant
15 years ago
sorry rick, this was never one of my favourites of yours, although i liked bassliner. so why don't i like this? it is because hearing drum samples played back like this is for me, not interesting, it does not sound at all natural (yes, i am sure it is not supposed to). i think if there was a subtle filter sequencer that would would be a good thing. i just think it would be better if you could believe that it was a human being behind the sound. so why did bassliner work for me? for a start it is easier to manipulate double bass samples to make them sound good BUT it DID sound like it could be a real person playing.
peter colpaert
15 years ago
very nice instrument,always comming up with something nice.I just let it run and feed it into my evolver.Mmmmmh....