Microtune 1024

microtune table macro

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2.0 (Updated 17 years ago)
July 05, 2004
Reaktor 5 or lower


This is a macro which sits inbetween incoming (MIDI notes) pitch and the pitch input of your instrument.
It retunes all of the 128 possible MIDI pitches to a different scale.
I've only loaded in about 43 different scales in the table but I've also included an ensemble where you can add other scales. There is space for 1024 scales.
The scales in this macro were generted with the program Scala www.xs4all.nl/~huygensf/scala/
Scala can output a text file which can loaded into an event table.
Unfortunately there is a bug in 4.12 on the OSX version so it can't load text files. I've compile Scala to run under X11 on OSX, if you're interested contact me.
I've converted the whole Scala archive (3000+ files) to Reaktor format. You can get it at http://homepages.ihug.com.au/~ndan/Microtune.zip

The file seems to have been corrupted somehow, it's fixed now.


3 years ago
I don't know a prog for mac user: SCL2TUN - so I've converted reachable SCL with pc prog to TUN. 4683 are in this cloud: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/bdlfsv2h123js/maps#n894z2uzfewil
4 years ago
hell yeah 2
4 years ago
There is a bug in it. Setting zero to 127 always if you fill in a table. In the structure are two tables. Move the left away and change the constand behind to '2' instead of '1'. That fixed the bug.
sirko drive
5 years ago
...but you could make it work with mono synths i guess :)
sirko drive
5 years ago
@Buka Glasna: i guess not, since the midi protocol doesn't allow polyphonic pitch bend as far as i know.
Buka Glasna
5 years ago
Can this be used with hardware synths on midi ports and how? Thanx :)
sirko drive
5 years ago
hell yeah.
Jussi Tuukkanen
7 years ago
How can i use this Macro inside a Synth ( with my own Scala files ) ?
Tagor Chilltribe
8 years ago
The Scala Archive in Reaktor Format: http://http://www.chilltribe.com/downloads/index.php
Enrico Bof
8 years ago
If someone need it: http://www.kenzak.com/reaktor/Microtune.zip
Enrico Bof
9 years ago
Anyone have the zip file with the scala archive converted in reaktor format??? Can someone explain me how to convert? I can try to recreate the zip file.... TY for this beautifull macro.
John Fisher
12 years ago
link for the exported scale files is dead again :(. anyone have it?
Lassi Nikko
13 years ago
Boris Hauf
15 years ago
great. thanks
Aaron Keyt
16 years ago
The macro works fine, as advertised. Very easy to convert any synth to a microtunable one by simply inserting this macro. The link for the 3000+ files -- something cool to have! -- has, however, expired.
hell woooda
17 years ago
extremely useful idea; anxious to try it jcivil