tuned FM dronenator

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1.0 (Updated 13 years ago)
August 20, 2004
Reaktor 5 or lower


and randomoese


Murray Fetterly
12 years ago
Totaly awsome! THanks!!
James Hamilton
13 years ago
Beautiful. For what I do, this is one of the most useful synths I've come across.
Paul Brassey
13 years ago
A sort of poor man's 'Metaphysical Function'.Works fine, but to my ears just makes 'orrible noises. Can't think of any style of music it would fit into. Nice graphics tho'.
Francis Larue
13 years ago
Very nice, I like it
Phil Durrant
13 years ago
very nice, but quite different from the old crosscriss. i would like to see a version with 4 sequencers, like the original ouzo.
Donovan Stringer
13 years ago
"Stefan Knauthe (2004-08-21 16:54:57): very nice too.but how about making such sounds playable via keyboard...?" Why don't you just route the X/Y controls to a midi controller?
Stefan Knauthe
13 years ago
very nice too.but how about making such sounds playable via keyboard...?
Kevin Hopper
13 years ago
Thanks Dieter...but wait a minute...I'm confused. The CrissCross I know and love (and still use regularly) has 4 SEQUENCERS producing fabulous atonal oddities full of bizarre joy and colour. This update makes drones. Very nice drones.... but what have you done with the 4 sequencers?
Dieter Zobel
13 years ago
please,Mr Hopper