Fom Granis


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1.0 (Updated 16 years ago)
October 01, 2004
Reaktor 5 or lower


Greetings, my Reaktor brethren.

Spoombung thought about what all you sound designer people want in a live context (or any context) for easy, immediate use- and came up with this ensemble of blinding simplicity: a central 4 way mixer (using an XY) and 4 looping re-synth samplers (originally from Martin Brinkmann’s RLXP and slightly modified here). Thanks also to Ernest for more than one macro.

Ticklish send you their NEW INSTRUCTIONS soon.

Kev x


Clifton Cameron
13 years ago
Kevin, this is a great tool. Thank You very much.
steffen goerke
16 years ago
to graet for my cpu . :-)
Jared Madere
16 years ago
i think this is my favorite ensemble i've ever downloaded, it's really fun, keep up the good work
Jason King
16 years ago
Mr Hopper was kind enough to send me an "unhidden" version, as I am a Session user and can't edit the structure. Thanks, Kev!
Phil Durrant
16 years ago
jason, Mr Hopper has hidden them;-) go into the structure and there should be a random seeder macro, the output is connected to offset (via an adder with the offset fader also attached). so you could make the random seeder macro visible and then turm it off. can't remeber which knob it is but i think there are pop-up infos. also look at RLXP in the user library, where you will see the macro that i am talking about.
Jason King
16 years ago
I like this a lot, but is there a control for the offset randomizers?
Jean Louis Hargous
16 years ago
very very useful. Thanks