omni-parameter fluxational re/de-sampler

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Rick Scott
1.0 (Updated 17 years ago)
October 04, 2004
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sampler


i know what you're thinking: MEIN GOTT NEIN NOT ANOTHER RE/DE-SAMPLER FROM rachMiel! well, i'm afraid so ... i'll be done with re/de-sampler uploads soon, promise. :-)

fLuxus distinguishes itself from its (many!) brethren by dint of its *constant changing* (hence flux) of pretty much every parameter. this is a beloved realm for me, the land of fractal-like self-similar self-mirroring movement on all levels.


can anyone tell me what the sample is from?


Moe Hashim
14 years ago
Is there a way of tempo syncing this?
Tim Breitberg
17 years ago
One of the coolest things I've found so far, but overloads audio on my 1GHZ Powerbook, even at lowest sound resolution... :(
Chris R Gibson
17 years ago
"MEIN GOTT NEIN NOT ANOTHER RE/DE-SAMPLER FROM rachMiel" Not even bro, upload as many of your ideas as you want, they are used and appreciated here. When I get stuck and the oblique strategies don't work, it's the rachMiel folder I turn to.
Cliff Douse
17 years ago
An omni-what? ;-) Interesting FX! :-)
Kevin Hopper
17 years ago
It's from 'the Day the Earth Stood Still' - the intro, Bernard Hermann
Don Dailey
17 years ago
Nice one ... again! ... sounds like Danny Elfman ??