la muse qui danse

sequenced beat slicer

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1.0 (Updated 14 years ago)
November 14, 2004
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sampler


this is an update I should have upload for months but didn't have internet:-(

use it when you have a loop and want to do variation of this loop (well that's just an example)

load a sample,set the number of beat, set the number of slice, press play.

what's new?

reset buttons to rebuild the original rythm,
gate just trig the enveloppes,
send to effects sequencer.

plese use the effect you want,the flanger and the reverb are from r3 library,the others took me five minutes to build, just for testing.

read the tips included, specially the one of the instrument.

I took the demo sample from an other instrument in the lib but can't remember where, sorry I think it's an instrument from DJriktor but ain't sure.
have fun!!!!


steffen goerke
14 years ago
crazy crazy very good and thanks
Evan Schiller
14 years ago
Wolfgang Webermann
14 years ago
...well, just omit the seqs for me ;-)
toto le robot
14 years ago
wolfang,I'm actually thinking about it,but I'm not sure it will make sense with this one as you can set different number of step and sub tempo on each seq.
Wolfgang Webermann
14 years ago
Great! Could you do me a favor and make your instrument playable via midi-keyboard so that each midi note has its own slice? Would be even greater because your machine would be the first beat slicer that is in STEREO and FREE! Thank you.
Jean Louis Hargous
14 years ago
effectivement cela mérite beaucoup plus, merci de partager
hello programchild
14 years ago
yeah the invisible 1-voter is outthere and sometimes I feel it is bush running around at night voting 1 wherever possible...
toto le robot
14 years ago
hohoho!:) someone rate 1! very strange, why??? I just don't get it as la muse qui chante is still at 9 and it's nearly the same ensemble but maybe 1 voter you forget to rate this one too?;-) could some white knight fight this injustice and rate it at its real value?1 voter I'm not sure you get the spirit of this library, you won't get far in life that way dear.I'm sorry for you,really.
toto le robot
14 years ago
forget to say: select a snapshot then choose pattern in the banks to here demo