easy reverse grooving line DEF

super duper effect (NI say;-)) two 4 rythmic delay lines,one reverse

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November 16, 2004
Reaktor 6
Effect Delay based


If i did things right, in the zip there is the ensemble and a folder, the ensemble goes in the folder ( on pc) c:/user/username/documents/ native instrument/user content.
and the folder goes in the folder reaktor that is in the same folder (user content)
this way you should have it in KK2 with the maping on the knob

about the ensemble:
this is done to enhance loops. use the isolator to extract a part of the rythm you want (kick,HH,..) reverse it on the fly, then pass it thru 4 rythmic delays.but you can use it to enhance real atmosphere sound (if you are sound designer for movie industry) or use it with any sound you want to create rythm. w<orks great with guitars too.
the Aview is much smaller and you can see the buffer of the reverse line

set the tempo in the tool box, press play to have the reverse line active, it works that way to synchronize the reverse line.

snapshot brother john is there for you to sing brother john (frere jacques in french, bruder jacob in german?)

snapshot dali lama :sing the lowest note you can and keep it like in tibetan songs.

what' new?

now works with stereo input.
chain function and easier way to set the rythm.
enhance gui ( A view is smaller).

have fun!


shawn gilbert
13 years ago
Thanks for this oldie but goodie!
Robert Croft
15 years ago
Evan Schiller
15 years ago
thank you- NUF (i mean FUN)
erwan thomas
15 years ago
david brymer
15 years ago
Sounds good buy the GUI on my poor little 12 inch laptop wont hold it all...
Greg Bossert
15 years ago
great on guitar lines. love the graphics. thanks.
johan soderqvist
15 years ago
thank you,very nice
Don Dailey
15 years ago
Very cool effects piece. Capable of totally unique delay effects. Bravo! Cool interface, too. One complain - too large to fit on 1024X768 screen. Ensembles with many more knobs do. This is a pet peave for all oversize Reaktor ensembles. Sorry to jump on you about it. Suggestion for future version: how about some randomize buttons :-)
Andres Jankowski
15 years ago
Very nice, Erwan!
erwan thomas
15 years ago
err.me french,i don't understand your question:-/ could you reformulate it (maybe in french)?
Alan Stuart
15 years ago
I think I will get some use out of this, thanks. How do I control the loud "tape hiss" sound that comes along with the other effects?
erwan thomas
15 years ago
any comments?
erwan thomas
15 years ago
the first comment is for NI teams wich were really great(as always):-) for the first thirteen dowload please download this one as it use less memory.
erwan thomas
15 years ago
wow! very impressive,I thaught it was just the zip file that has to be under 8Mo and it was an error from me I put a table of 20*441000 and that was for an idea I finally didn't put in but forget to resdraw this one. could you post a thread in the creator's section about all the limitation for uploading.and once agin thank you very much!:-)