NumaliK II

analog and wavetable synth and/or effect

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2.0 (Updated 14 years ago)
August 04, 2004
Reaktor 5 or lower


sorry for my english!

v2.0 many improvement

This synth is based on excellent 3x from J-W Hall.

You can use this synth in effect mode.
the frequency tracker detect the pitch and gate from external signal, and apply to oscillator.
you can use also the external signal, for control the AM, FM, RM, Synchro, Filters FM, and like waveform.

3 oscillators AM, FM, Synchro.
(11 analog waveform, 44 wavetables, 1 noise, 1 pitch shifter, for external signal).
2 serial parallel mutimode dirty filters (16 types & 3 types of distorsions).
3 AHDSR envelope.
1 LFO sync to tempo with quantization for rythmic modulation.
3 Sequencers.
1 recordable X-Y.
1 modulation matrix 16x (19 sources -> 29 destinations).
1 chorus.
1 tempo delay.
1 reverb.

Have fun!

tested on amd athlon 2 Ghz
sorry mac users no posibilities for test

Your comment are appreciated


shawn gilbert
11 years ago
Most of your ensembles deserve 10's(in my humble opinion).Thank you for your time and effort.
jim jacobsen
14 years ago
thanks, it's great.
Brian Robinson
14 years ago
Love it! thank you.
levi adriel torres
15 years ago
this is fast becoming one of my favorites to use. nice one!
Phil Durrant
15 years ago
gosh i need a faster computer (i have a slow g3 Pizmo) but this is very well put together. very nice.
pierre-andre soulier
15 years ago
hi stephan, sorry the waveform in the wavetable is taken from nanowave, and is a special samples.
Robert Croft
15 years ago
This is really great! Thanks!
Stephan Müsch
15 years ago
Thanks for that ens. it fits my taste perfectly. Can do some really great pads with it. Would love more of these. More waves in the wavetable, maybe? I´m only a user of reaktor, not a builder though.
Paul Jarrett
15 years ago
Works great on my iBook G4. Nice ensemble!
Peter Flemmig
15 years ago
Really interesting
Mark Rennie
15 years ago
AWESOME! I think this one is exceptional. Probably my favourite so far. Sounds just incredible due to the way it moves through the waveforms like Nanowave. Constant movement in the sounds and very articulate. Killer synth.
pierre-andre soulier
15 years ago
promised, more snapshot later.
Stefan Knauthe
15 years ago
brilliant! i love it...could have some more snaps though.thank you for sharing anyway...
Jens Focke
15 years ago
one of the best. thx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pierre-andre soulier
15 years ago
thanks to all! chris, sorry i dont understand your question.
Chris R Gibson
15 years ago
No Mac, my word. How do you get along? Just kidding. Thanks for your work.
marco vicari
15 years ago
mr. word:GREAT! thank you!
Robert Alpert
15 years ago
Thank You, for your wonderful Synth. It works great on my G4 Mac. Very nice sounds too. Kind Regards from Los Angeles. Robert Alpert