heRman FiLterbank


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1.0 (Updated 18 years ago)
December 26, 2004
Reaktor 5 or lower
Effect Filter


this is the reconstruction of the sherman filterbank, done for my brother these days, which is dreaming of the real one....
its mostly guessed how it could work reading its usermanual. i don´t own any myself, if anyone does so, some feedback would be cool, i´m sure i just invented some stuff for myself since i do not know how the original exactly works.
but nontheless it has got some funny functions. a short description.

it includes
the input gain with valve distortion, high boost or cut.
2 filters, which are changeable between LP-BP-HP by knob.
a strange correctionknob, which allows you to get more and various filtercharacteristics.
self resonation of filters.
envelope-sensitivity of filters individually adjustable.
an adsr envelope, whit optional negative sustain, which can also work in an envelope-following-mode.
a lfo, syncable to incoming audio with a speedrange from lf to audio. with normal or phaseinverted depth.
an vca-envelope which you can switch on. uses trigger of incoming audio, can also be switched to external.
external FM.
parallel and serial mode of filters.
output with another valvedistortion.
and a pseudostereo-switch.




Damon Krause
7 months ago
I could've sworn there was an updated version of this with a modern gui. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Or have I gone insane??
dominik friede
9 years ago
Thank you very much, this is really close to the original..i used to have one but sold it long ago. I did always regret that but not anymore! The hermans low end sounds really warm and nicely distorted, the AM input works perfectly with another trigger signal..great stuff. I love it!
Donald Baynes
10 years ago
great work
Jan Heinke
11 years ago
many thanks!
matthias geiges
12 years ago
heRman in my brain... great!
Mike kuszynski
13 years ago
Thanks! I was really hankering for a sherman filterbank again (used to own one) and this gets me pretty darn close, though it is not as violent as the real unit. Yours is almost MORE usable, because it is smoother. Thank yOU!!!
Lex Nowak
15 years ago
Good Sound and nice GUI. Thanks!
Gianluca Peruzzi
16 years ago
joel willard
16 years ago
This is so badass
16 years ago
I've never had my hands on the Sherman thing, and anyway I don't mind if it has the same sound or not; all I can say is that it's a real pleasure to use. It's unpredictable (for me) and very nice sounding. Thank you Kassian!
Paul Harland
16 years ago
love it, use it, need it, want more!!
Jan Hobrack
17 years ago
wish i had the original but this is really cool too. simple but clever and so lovely resonant!
Nezo Msci
17 years ago
Thomas Thomas McIntyre
18 years ago
Phuckin great! This is the main reason why I come here for downloads= Crazy!!Filters,Filters,FILTERS!!!!!! Thankyou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
c bit
18 years ago
lovely unit, thanks
Phil Durrant
18 years ago
this is probably my favourite filter made with reaktor. it is a must download for anyone into filters. i am very impressed with how you have captured the uniqueness of the sherman, especially the harmonics. this really is great!!
eric moon
18 years ago
an end to Mark Bell envy, perhaps?
Stefan Knauthe
18 years ago
i love it! sounds great...i know it's an adapation of hardware...is it possible to have that real stereo...does that make sense...?
William Selman
18 years ago
This sounds really close to the original. I had a mk I Sherman and you've managed to capture the harmonic distortion and pinging resonance of it. In general, the unit has a delightful unpredictability and so does this patch. Excellent work!
baudoux nicolas
18 years ago
whaaa !! thanks a lot : ) !!!
Phil Durrant
18 years ago
i like your uploads, kassain. i look forward to playing around with this. keep them coming.
Donovan Stringer
18 years ago
Nice. Thanks a bunch!
sean johnson
18 years ago
Hey, I'm downloader number one. Thank you for this Kassian, I love the Sherman, so this excites me.