Tone row driving Metallo--further installment in Tone row experiment

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1.2 (Updated 16 years ago)
February 01, 2005
Reaktor 5 or lower


This is a slightly more interesting installment in the still banal Tone row idea initiated by tubaman's thread in the forum (the banality isn't tone rows themselves, it's what I've done with them)--somebody do something with this...

You need to start the clock to get something out of this.

This fixes startup bugs in the tone row generator (thanks to CList). It adds an autopermute function, and experiments with using two tone rows to define hi and lo pitches. When the reader for these rows are out of phase, inverted, or retrograde with respect to one another, a random note between the two values is played. Trying something rachMiel-like here. And the synth being driven is rachMiel's Metallo. Also, using a slower read tone row to change snaps in Metallo--so timbre is on a slow row.


Logan Susnick
16 years ago
I brought the tempo down and keep hitting randomize, or just waiting and enjoying. Thanks.