Multicolumn, multigroup browser for dropping samples, macros, instruments into Reaktor (Win only)

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1.3 (Updated 16 years ago)
February 01, 2005
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Other


The jambientBrowser3 is a small (Win only, distribute with installer) application designed to give you easy browsing access to your files, so that you can drag and drop them into other applications. It lets you access 10 groups of file folders, with each group containing up to 10 folders, displayed in columns, and it lets you custom filter your files. Groups and other settings are saved between sessions. Specially designed for use with Reaktor and instruments like jambient Matrix. Resizable window and more options than the previous jambientBrowser.

Selecting folders to display in the columns:
Click the button at the top of a column. A folder browser is displayed. Drag folders from the browser to the buttons to load up the columns with files. Rightclick to close the folder browser. (If the AutoClose option is checked, the folder browser closes as soon as you drop a folder into a column button.) You can also right drag buttons from column to column, to open the same folder n different columns. The numbers on the righthand side of each column are filesize in kb.

Switching groups:
Click the tabs along the bottom to browse different groups of folders, or to open the options panel.

Changing the number of columns:
To change the number of columns in a group, select a number from the dropdown list at the
bottom left.

Type a wildcard filter into the box beside the column number dropdown, or select one of the
default filters from the drop down. To combine filters, separate them with a | symbol, e.g.,
*.wav|*.aif will display all wav and aif files. To specify a list of default filters, edit the text file filters.txt in the program directory, putting one filter on each line.

In the options panel, checking OnTop will force jambientBrowser3 to float above all windows.
See above for AutoClose.


David Morris
1 year ago
NB, if it’s not saving settings and folders when you restart it, make sure your User account has read and write privileges in the directory where it's installed.
David Morris
1 year ago
I'm coming back to this, happy to find this thing still installs and runs in Windows 10, although you have to confirm you want to install it, b/c it is unrecognized software. Looks like it works!!!
Donovan Stringer
16 years ago
If you implement sample preview from your browser I feel you are more than entitled to make this donation or even shareware.
David Morris
16 years ago
Hey, thanks for the enthusiastic response. Post a link at KvR, but for now I want to leave distribution here. A) Do you think people would respond to this as donationware (for student scholarships, not for me)? B) I'm thinking about maybe adding a few functions, say a search for file name, maybe with a built in mousable keyboard. Any other ideas (make 'em easy please).
Rick Scott
16 years ago
nice! this could be very useful for reaktor builders ... like having up to 10 mini explorers at your beck and call.
Paul Mackintosh
16 years ago
Fantastic, that is so useful!
Donovan Stringer
16 years ago
Do you mind if I post a link to this in the KvR forum? There are many people there that would benefit from using this.
Thomas Schumacher
16 years ago
Just DL - very appreciated, thank you!
16 years ago
Windows only? argh...