Initializer macro: send a 1 on ensemble load only, on each GSR, on each GSR after load

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2.0 (Updated 16 years ago)
February 23, 2005
Reaktor 5 or lower


This macro is used for initializing purposes--for setting up structures that function like OOP constructor methods.

Load sends a 1 just once, when the ensemble is loaded--and not on any other GSRs.

GSR sends a 1 on every General System Reset -- when the ensemble is loaded, when audio is turned on, when instruments muting is changed, etc.

After Load sends a 1 on every GSR after the ensemble is loaded.

The macro takes advantage of the fact that the Counter accumulator is set to 0 by Reaktor on load.

v2 solves the problem why a delay was needed and gets rid of it; also has a nicer way of showing that it works, with lamps rather than event watcher


David Morris
16 years ago
Herwig: No, it is not meant to answer the first event problem. It is meant to allow for once per load initializations, rather than initializations that happen on every GSR. I.e. it lets you control when an intialization happens relative to load/GSR occurences, but not when the intialization happens relative to events in other parts of a structure.
16 years ago
Hi David, i think your macro should be the answer on the thread 'first event ...'. Your macro does not work in this way: f.i. insert into your ensemble a knob, delete and insert djmI... connect the outputs of djmI... and the knob with the eventwatcher; you will see that the first event will send by the knob.