Babble_On Speech Synthesizer

3 voice speech synthesizer

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1.0 (Updated 14 years ago)
April 09, 2005
Reaktor 5 or lower


Waiting for R5 to show up, but good things can still be done with R4!

The Babble_On ensemble comprises three Speech Synthesizer instruments with snapshot
based sequencing. The ensemble can store up to 16 songs, each of which can be made up of
up to 128 patterns of up to 16 phonemes each.
The speech synthesizer can generate 29 distinct phonemes. Some additional phonemes can
be generated by concatenating the provided phonemes. The pitch of the synthesized voices
can be adjusted over a 5-octave range. A pattern-specific transposition is available for each
voice, which adjusts the pitch and shifts the vocal formants, allowing a wide range of
different voice qualities (male, female, etc) to be generated.


Daniel Hogan
2 years ago
It's what I'm looking for right now. Thank you.
Joe Hauptmann
4 years ago
My god, I had abandoned all hope years ago of getting my computer to make Kraftwerk voices. I cannot thank you enough for making this. Whoever you are, I love you.
Paul Copeland
5 years ago
Very clever and totally original. Well done
Michaela Joy Russo
6 years ago
Brilliant piece of Reaktor coding!
Richard Bull
8 years ago
Ha! Incredibly creative.
David Bowes
12 years ago
I take it you havn't had the two emails i sent you then?
James Clark
12 years ago
My email is (currently)
David Bowes
12 years ago
What's your email ?
charles ross
12 years ago
Vottera choose etre bien. Nous en dir dans Les Etas Une, "Say Formidable."
charles ross
12 years ago
Vottera chose etre bein. En les etas une nous en pes descries, "Say Formidable."
michael huckaby
12 years ago
crazy crazy crazy ! this is what ts all about . stretching reaktor to the limits
rainer Ehrenberg
13 years ago
Erstmal muß mans begriffen haben, dann ists ein wunderbares Spielzeug.Vielleicht (nein bestimmt) kann man damit auch kreative ideen umsetzen. Aber erstmal spielen.Muchas dankke. Rainer
David M Retter Jr
14 years ago
very cool...this will be a fun one to play with.
James Clark
14 years ago
Thanks for the compliments everyone. I had a lot of fun making it. If anyone makes their own song banks, email them to me and I'll gather them all up and put them in an updated version...
Rob Klippel
14 years ago
As I've probably written in these comment sections already.... you are one of the top 4 or 5 Reaktor User Synth Creators on the planet.... this is but one more reason why I think this...
Kristian Thom
14 years ago
This made me laugh, and I couldn't help thinking how incredibly cool it sounds. Somehow it just oozes coolness. Highly original and quite an achievement, I'd say. Actually, Dieter's "yeahyeahyeah" seems like the perfect comment :-)
Dieter Zobel
14 years ago
Andrew Burgess
14 years ago
Right on!! reminds me of the old waldorf microwave speech synth
Eric Giambertone
14 years ago
Love it! Congrats.
Robert Croft
14 years ago
Mr. Clark, you've done it again! Thank You!
Rory Dow
14 years ago
hehe.... very cool!
Neville Edwards
14 years ago
Amazing and cool!
Al Watson
14 years ago
holy cow! that mjust have taken an age to do! very clever!
Cliff Douse
14 years ago
Very impressive!
Kevin Hopper
14 years ago
Good God Almighty! This thing is totally incredible! An AMAZING achievement! How long did it take you to build it?
hell woooda
14 years ago
color me amazed
takeshi nakamura
14 years ago
Roland Weinschütz
14 years ago
Amiga is back - thanks alot!