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groovebox to go

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1.0 (Updated 15 years ago)
May 26, 2005
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sequencer


hi folks, programchild is back and here is my reaktor 5 welcome gift!
I just built a very small groovebox which consists of
4 percusssive synthesizers, each one with its own waveform. so heres the feature list:

-4 synth-seq-units_ sine, saw, puls and random (noise at higher pitches)

-4 seq lines per synth for decay, pitch, cutoff and gate sequences (saved in snapshots)

-auto fx algorithm per synth (delay with self-randomizing settings)

-snapshot changing via midi

-sound via midi (note enables sound at velocity volume)

-snapmorphing via lfo (for soundscapes evolving longer than the given 8 seq steps)

also this unit might be a useful hint on how to implement new features like polyobject/mousearea and snap-based sequencing and also panel-changing via
stacked makro.

soon president evil will be launched on


Roland Duschek
12 years ago
its a fun beast
michael huckaby
15 years ago
sick. !
umran ali
15 years ago
amazing world of the triptermin user,machine elves hypnotic chatter.
Jason Corder
15 years ago
this is a tight little number - instant gratification... the snap morphing works really great on this one. great job dude!
Andrew Capon
15 years ago
Im having fun with this, cheers!
James Mitchell
15 years ago
Damn Gotta Get me R5!!!!!!!!!!!!
Phil Durrant
15 years ago
very nice
David Dayneko
15 years ago
nice one programchild, it has been dropped like it was hot!
daniel battaglia
15 years ago
good to see someone from the "R5 factory library elite" posting in the UL too! aerobic and new sinebeats are fantastic so im sure this little guy wont dissapoint. thanks man, keep up the insane work!
Georg Fries
15 years ago
preordered my R5, so thanks, the first lib-ens even before I get my one in a few days...
Robert Croft
15 years ago
so nice to hear from you again - you've been missed. very cool ens too, thanks. --====--
Rob Klippel
15 years ago
Just got 5 and am ready to try programchild posts with these new tools at his disposal... this is one step for mankind and one giant leap for Reaktor users.... long live programchild - everyone's favorite creator on these pages.... humble thanks...
Al Watson
15 years ago
every time there's an update he does this! bloody show off! ;-)
Michael Polane
15 years ago
indeed....... where is my new candy!! I have a lack of patients and it looks so cool.
Ingo Sprenger
15 years ago
Still waiting... Hello Postman? Heeellooo??
Eric Wistrand
15 years ago
No, it can't.
angel voorhees
15 years ago
can this be used w/rsession?