Delivery 2.0

a beat machine with wings

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2.0 (Updated 14 years ago)
May 25, 2005
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sampler


A classic revisited for the release of Reaktor 5....

It's basic 4 part beat sample sequencer, except almost every parameters has a "random" knob attached which controls the percentage of the randomization range. Add a slight amount of random to the attack, hold, and decay knobs to give everything a more "live" feel.

Some new additions since last time:
- added a snazzy UI
- added filter, bitcrush, and distortion to each unit (warning: the distortion unit is very CPU can turn it off if you need to)
- added swing and variation to the sequencer
- randomization rate can be set globally
- total # of samples (for random select) can be set in the UI
- new demo samples and snaps

Thanks goes out to all those hard working Reaktor folks who share their labors of love!

Check out the webpage for my band "FM Fatale" at If you like my ensembles, spread the word!


Alberto Forero
9 years ago
anyone know how to save the sequencer event table data in a snapshot?
Daniel Salomon
11 years ago
Looks good, sounds good, makes me (but not my laptop's processor) happy. Definitely usable, once I figure out which functions can be bypassed in order to conserve CPU. Thanks for helping out with drum programming on my next couple of tracks!
Donovan Stringer
12 years ago
Wow. I just found my way back to this and downloaded it finally. Very impressive interface and great sounding instrument!
Der Einmeier
14 years ago
very nice ensemble even i still prefer the 'sound' of v1 - a nice tool for creating glitchy beatz!
Jason Corder
14 years ago
this is perfect for making crazy, sexy, cool percusive textures! brilliancy has ensued...
Brian Robinson
14 years ago
Would love to love this version as much as the last one but it chews up my processor on snapshots 3, 6, 7, 8 & 10 Apple G4 MD Dual 1GB, 1GB RAM.
Phil Durrant
14 years ago
red bull, indeed.
Michael Polane
14 years ago
I received my copy of R5 today so i am verry happy..... and this ensemble is a verry nice welcome.
Ruddy Adames
14 years ago
Andrew Rice
14 years ago
This is my new favorite thing.
Michael Polane
14 years ago
indeed....... where is my new candy!! I have a lack of patients and it looks so cool.
Ingo Sprenger
14 years ago
And I´m waitinhg for the Postman with my Update....and waiting...and waiting...:-(
Donovan Stringer
14 years ago
And so it begins..I must update soon or coming to the UL will be an absolute torture..