field recordings (wavs) for mangling in Reaktor

download also includes links to various other samples

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2.0 (Updated 16 years ago)
June 10, 2005
Reaktor 5 or lower
Other Sounds


all sounds recorded and/or designed
by Andrew Duke
1096 Queen St #123
Halifax NS Canada B3H 2R9

royalty-free to use under the
Creative Commons attribution license:

this download includes a txt file with links to more samples (150 samples split over 9 different zips)


steven vanderwaeren
9 years ago
thanks to share your recordings !!
Andrew Duke
15 years ago
update: A new round of the sound design/production class I'm teaching here in Halifax NS (called Making Music With Computers by the college, thus MMWC for short) starts tonight; focus programs are Ableton Live and Native Instruments Reaktor; for the first two assignments in the class, students have to mangle a limited pool of samples using certain procedures; so that students use the same audio starting point, I give them a bunch of samples I've made for them to tweak. I'm also making these audio files (loops, hits, some field recordings, etc) available to anyone else who wants to use 'em (links below). If you missed out on them the first time I posted about this (they're royalty-free), here's the download info: (Note: these are newly named zips; the old zip locations mentioned previously in this thread are no longer valid). Course info: All I ask is that if you use of my samples in anything that you post a link so we can check out the results. A production contest of sorts has been set up by one of the members on the forum using the above samples I made; here's the thread if you'd like to read more and/or join in: Happy music-makin'/sound-designin'. Andrew
Andrew Duke
15 years ago
more (new): (the above 2 zips from a class I'm teaching on Reaktor). Andrew
Andrew Duke
15 years ago
If you're looking for more, some of my older downloadable loops hits fx etc (from about a year ago) have been reposted (with permission) on a site run by a guy in Paris France:
Georg Fries
15 years ago
Thanks VERY much.
hell woooda
16 years ago
thanks in the extreme - this is so much up my alley
Andrew Duke
16 years ago
Thanks, folks. Happy music-making! Andrew
Don Dailey
16 years ago
Andrew, thanks dor being so generous to share your samples. And I know it was a lot of work to upload these and the ones on the Absynth and Kontakt libraries.
Chris R Gibson
16 years ago
Thanks Andrew, your efforts are appreciated and will be put to creative use here!
Andrew Duke
16 years ago
doh! i forgot to include the txt file in the first upload. this version (v2.0) includes it. andrew